L J’s All-Star Revue

The production of “I have Something To Say” took  7 months to complete 11 of the 12 songs on this album. Several of these artists had never met each other. But music was the thread that kept us together.  Here are a few clips of those recording moments. In the next few months more will be added including some music videos of the tunes.


This is a song written by Larry Silveira and performed by his Balance Band. This music video, also produced by Larry, ties in with the short subject video called “Lives out of Balance.” It was targeted to teens and focused on the risks associated with the use of the drug Ecstasy. It portrayed real life tragedies of teens in Santa Clara County, CA. The created DVD is owned by Santa Clara County and was Larry’s last contribution to the Department of Alcohol and Drug Services before his retirement in 2012.  It was distributed to middle and high schools in that county.